Christian Family Church
Charters Towers
What To Expect

Common Questions

What is the service like?
Our service is casual and modern.  It is most likely very different to what you experienced at school chapels or with your parents.  I know that you'll love it.

What happens at church? 
Every week is a little different but we regularly do things like singing, children's stories, communion, a Bible message and pray for people.

What about my children?
We have a time at the start of the service that caters for children and there is space for families to sit comfortable at the back of the building where they can play quietly on the floor.   There is also a parents room changing and exploring toddlers where you stay connected to the service via the video/audio feed on a TV screen.

How should I dress?
Most people tend to dress smart-casual but whatever your comfortable in is perfect!  Even if that is a pair of shorts and thongs!   
Do you collect money?
We do receive an offering from people and believe that there is freedom found in generosity but there is no expectation for you to give when we do this.

Will "the roof fall down" if I come to church?
It hasn't yet and it probably won't but come along and we'll find out ;)

Courtyard & Entrance

Before and after the service there is coffee and biscuit available with time to connect with people.


You will find the auditorium facilities very warm and inviting with the use of modern instruments, lighting, multimedia and comfortable seating.
The church is also fully air-conditioned so you will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Preaching

The content of our services and Bible messages are very practical for living life today.  You will find them energetic, encouraging and something you can relate to.